Shotgun Wedding




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Trying to write the story of (her) life

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(Built for Abuse)


Fall Lost, Endless Closer

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(Fall Endless)


Mostly It’s Just Small Things.


I haven’t I have    heard about  it  but I haven’t seen it yet so     hard to say anything abut it


I I   erm I am a photographer myself sooo I    always like to see    photographs by other

female         an I

think they are   different from what a man do ya ya.     They-they-they- have another

look I think.


sometimes you can wha see see what it at once but    mostly it’s it’s just small things  I

don’t know its hard

to to  say what it  is but   it – yah.        And it’s good that women have err also the same

possibilities  for

exhibition as man         of course  i think this these days it’s it’s the same but  err in the old


it was less i think

(Anonymous, Tate Modern)

DIY Girlpool

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