Proposed Discourse, Tate Modern, 2016


Street Haunting

The (I) am a(n) upwards do now. I dread solitude, solitude. Have (to) exit enough and the undivided entering, high and again (in) a step[s] of dread, walk on heavy,  now silence (is) a(nd) becomes meaning as self and exit – not who the deeply night taken enough meaning, and for and the visit.

Self, they are attention and before, and remaining events the(n) and back often upwards (to) control explicit and again, craving that sickness. Degree (to) the hopeless starvation the[y] solitude before have (a) state pain. AM night anger voice a(nd) an undivided screech. If Solitude anger steps boredom, hatred, attention, now undivided control … attention, and am and as lift. Enter. Hale have boredom. Nail hunger, events good it who promised, here. It(s) deeper self now no. Dread the as deeply again it entering, do wonderer. Again, hopeless addiction steps state personal – you heavy, AM upwards. Good a have hunger, again alone. Burning wonderer. Flight enjoying as I the self ones visit. Good flight it I the for  …